Frequently Asked Questions.

We've answered a few of our most asked questions below, but if your questions are not answered here please contact us.

Q1. Will My Shirts Shrink After Washing?

If the fabric content of your shirts or sweatshirts has any cotton in them, then yes. Cotton or cotton blend shirts from the manufacturer always come “pre-shrunk” using an industrial wash, but they will still shrink a little bit more in a household washing machine. We have not found a cotton shirt that will not shrink after a household wash. Shirts that have more than 50% polyester will shrink less, and 100% polyester shirts shouldn’t shrink at all.

Q2. How Long Will It Take To Get My Shirts?

Our standard turnaround time is 2-3 weeks (10-15 business days) depending on our order load. The turnaround time starts from the date that final artwork is provided, the mockup is approved, and payment has been made in full, unless previously discussed. If you need your shirts sooner we may be able to accommodate, with a rush charge. Please contact our team at, or 503.954.3595, to discuss your options.

Q3. How Long Will The Print Last On The Shirts?

The printing processes we use are made to last longer than the life of the apparel it’s printed on. You will notice slight fading with some of the water-based prints after the initial wash, but it will be minimal. Our Extract Printing technique is designed to get softer after the initial wash, but since it has removed and replaced the dye in the t-shirt, it will never wash off. We always suggest washing shirts inside out with cold water whenever possible.

Q4. Why Do You Have a Minimum Order?

Our minimum order for screen printing is 10 pieces with the exact same design. These minimums are in place since the process that we use to print takes anywhere from 2-4 hours of setup time depending on the complexity of the print. If you are looking for a smaller order of t-shirts we recommend checking out a company like who are able to print as few as one shirt.

Q5. Why Do You Use Water-Based Inks?

We use water-based inks because they produce extremely soft prints while maintaining very crisp detail. The inks used in our shop are easily cleaned up using water instead of mineral spirits and paint thinners. Water-based screen printing inks are a little more difficult to use, but we feel the results are definitely worth it.

Q6. What Is Extract Printing?

Also known as discharge printing, this water based ink allows us to remove the dye color from the fabric and replace it with the ink color of your choosing. This results in a vibrant and super soft print that becomes part of the shirt.

Extract Printing is made possible with the use of an activator added to the ink called Zinc Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate (ZFS). The ZFS neutralizes the reactive dyes used in the t-shirts leaving you with the natural color of the fabric, which can then be replaced with pigments to acheive a soft vibrant print. We take great care to make sure our Extract Inks are handled and printed safely. By the time the prints are completed and packaged they are completely safe and the chemicals are inert. In some cases slight skin irritation can occur if worn before washing, which is why we recommend the shirts are washed before wearing for the first time.

Q7. Who’s That Little Doggy In The Window?

His name is Ernie Banks and he is the hardest worker in the shop. He’s a rescue from the Oregon Humane Society and is characterized by his tube-like legs and loving demeanor. Stop on by and say hi! He is very friendly and won’t shed all over your clothes.

Q8. Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Yes we do. We are so confident in our screen printing skills that we guarantee the printing will meet or exceed your expectations. It is highly suggested that you read through our FAQ’s and Terms and Conditions to know what to expect before placing an order. If you have any questions or are not positive about something please ask. If we are found at fault we will gladly reprint the order and make sure the mistake isn’t repeated.

Q9. Do You Guarantee The Apparel You Print On?

While we do check all garments closely before and during printing for defects, we are not able to guarantee the actual garments will be perfect. If we notice defects we will do our best to replace them before printing. It is very rare, but sometimes there are minor issues such as loose threads or a small hole that goes unnoticed. There are times that the t-shirts color may vary slightly from one shirt to another, due to variation in dye lots of the fabric. This is normal and will not be considered a defect. We want you to be happy with your products, so please contact us if you have concerns about this.