Scout Books Notebooks 3.5"x5"

Variable Printing

You can print up to three different designs per set of books (1 set = 3 books), as long as the print colors stay the same on all three books. Screen printing allows us to line up three books at a time on a pallet and print them with different designs. This is available at no extra cost.

Our Thoughts On These books

We love these little notebooks so much that we've been carrying them around and writing in them ever since we got them in. They are perfect to add some class to your brand. They are simple, clean, and made right here in Portland, Oregon! 


  • Outside: Chipboard Cover
  • Inside: 28 white pages 
  • 100% recycled paper
  • Inside Page Options: Blank, Lined, Dit Grid
  • Staple Options: Silver, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Navy, Pink, White

Fun Fact:

When they arrive to us these books have 32 inside pages, but due to the nature of screen printing we end up losing a sheet of paper, which results in the final 28 pages.