Custom Screen Printing with Water Based Ink

We print high quality apparel and other merchandise, using a specialized water based print method, for creative people and brands. Our desire is to elevate your brand by printing apparel that people will cherish and love to wear.

Below, you will find information on the processes we use to print your apparel. If you would like more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us

Water Based Screen Printing

The inks we use are designed to withstand the normal wear and tear of printed apparel, while maintaining a much softer feel (hand) than traditional plastisol inks. 

Using our techniques we are able to achieve vibrant prints on all colors and most fabric blends. 

Built for Water Based

A lot of companies shy away from water based because of the learning curve and changes that need to be made in the print shop. We built our shop from the ground up to use water based inks. Since 2008 we have been testing and developing our best practices for using these inks. Our automatic printing press and other equipment were all purchased with the purpose of printing water based. 

Water based inks are slightly more difficult to work with than standard plastisols but we feel that the results are completely worth it. 

Our Cleaning Chemical: Water

Our favorite thing about water based inks is that they clean up easily with just water. There is no need to use mineral spirits, paint thinners, or another petroleum based cleaner. 

Extract Printing

Also known as discharge printing, this water based ink allows us to remove the dye color from the fabric and replace it with the ink color of your choosing. The result is a vibrant super soft print that is a part of the shirt.

Softest prints on the darkest shirts

Extract printing works best on 100% cotton fabric, although there are certain poly/cotton blend shirts that work also. Some colors, such as greens and blues, do not discharge as well, but do produce cool results. Contact us and we will help find the best solution for your design.

How it works

Extract Printing is made possible with the use of an activator added to the ink called Zinc Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate (ZFS). The ZFS neutralizes the reactive dyes in the t-shirts leaving the natural color of the fabric. This is then replaced with our eco-friendly dyes to achieve a soft vibrant print. We take great care to make sure our Extract Inks are handled and printed safely. By the time the prints are completed and packaged they are completely safe and the chemicals are inert. We recommend washing the shirts before wearing them because in some cases slight skin irritation can occur if worn before washing.